Personal Financial Counseling
Specializing in helping clients identify
short and long term financial goals

Financial Counseling is a collaboration between client and counselor to identify the client’s personal financial goals and the steps necessary to reach those goals.

Financial Counseling addresses basic to intermediate personal financial issues such as household budgets, savings plans, credit history rehabilitation, debt repayment schedules and pre-consumer loan counseling as well as providing general retirement and investment education.  Professionals providing Financial Counseling do not sell or recommend investment, insurance or any other financial products to clients.

Financial Counseling is ideal for clients who are in the process of building their household assets. Once their asset building goals are met, a client may be ready to consider transferring to a Certified Financial Planner® for more advanced financial planning such as comprehensive retirement and estate planning.


Accredited Financial Counselors® are professionals who have completed the required training and experience in financial education and counseling for the certification.  Additionally, AFCs® must complete 30 Continuing Education Credits every two years to maintain their certification. The standards for an AFC® are set by the Association for Financial Counseling, Planning and Education and can be found here.  AFC’s® are bound by strict rules of confidentiality and ethical behavior.  The AFC® Code of Ethics can be found here.

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OUR MONEY GOALS is based on the idea that personal financial guidance should be available to all who seek it, regardless of wealth.

OUR MONEY GOALS does not dictate to our clients. We work with them side by side until the client reaches their definition of success. We see the relationship of financial counselor and client as an equal partnership working together to support the client’s financial growth and well being.


OUR MONEY GOALS offers guidance based on solid financial and ethical principles. We never sell or recommend any financial products, including insurance and investments.  We adhere to the Standards of Practice as set forth by the Association for Financial Counseling, Planning and Education®. 

OUR MONEY GOALS clients can count on receiving high quality, unbiased guidance based exclusively on their best interests. We work together with our clients to establish their financial goals and create a measurable action plan as a road map to their success

Ms. Torres-Gale is the spouse of LCDR Christopher A. Gale, USCG (Ret.) and the mother of three daughters. She and her family reside in Washington County, Oregon


Each session is $150 and includes one in person or remote consultation (maximum 90 minutes) 

and individualized written recommendations (provided separately).


Payment is accepted through PayPal prior to scheduled session.  No refunds.


****Active Duty/Reserve/Veterans with valid proof of service receive a 10% discount ****

RETIREMENT & INVESTING                         

Social Security Administration                               

Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA)     

FINRA Investor Foundation                                 

Security & Exchange Commission                                

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